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NET – Vision Highlights for Industrial Vision

More performance in real-time ­applications.
Next generation all-in-one PC-based smart vision solution.

  • Up to 50% more processing power in comparison to previous CORSIGHT series with Quad Core CPU and FPGA
  • High-speed image sensor technology (CMOS)
  • NET Open Camera Concept® for creation of own vision solutions

Live real-time demonstrations:

Code reading from all perspectives: compact multi-camera solution for retail checkout systems

Image processing and sorting of fast moving objects in factory automation with high-speed sensor technology

Create your solution faster with a ready-to-use vision platform.
ARM-based concept camera with advanced NET Open Camera Concept®.

  • Latest evolution of NET Open Camera Concept® offers open embedded vision platform
  • Compact all-in-one vision system
  • Hardware acceleration of computer vision & machine learning algorithm

Live real-time demonstrations:

Real-time classification of fruits and vegetables through machine learning capability of NET´s hardware-accelerated vision solution

Speed up your solution for more efficiency.
Compact smart vision solution with real-time functions in the embedded FPGA.

  • NET´s most compact smart vision solution
  • Meeting industrial demand: GigE Vision compatible, robust housing, standard lens mount
  • Embedded FPGA for integration of own real-time algorithms

Live real-time demonstrations:

Electronic parts inspection with innovative in-camera high dynamic range functionality at no loss of fps.

Matching compact cameras, lighting and lenses.
Based on NET´s experience of more than 20 years for smarter vision solutions.

Presentation of innovative vision solutions with USB3 Vision cameras, lenses and lighting for quality inspection in industrial vision.

Live real-time demonstrations:

Various solution approaches with compact USB3 Vision cameras in combination with lighting and lenses.

Live from Vision:
Presentation of Net´s younique solution approach and smart vision show highlights.

Source: Vision Systems Design

Achieve competitive advantages with NET

What makes NET different in the market, interview with NET Management
Source: MvPro Media 11/2018


Embedded or PC?, NET`s approach to analyze and identify value-added for customers.
Source: Inspect, 05/2018